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Remember the person you meant to become?


Hi! I'm Sarah Thomas. I'm a life coach and I help people close the door on the past so they can stop wondering "What if?" and create a life that excites them today.

As a former public defender, I understand the importance of removing judgment from your past so you can look at your present challenges with a clear eye and feel confident about your future.

I guide my clients to let go of missed opportunities and regret, and get clarity about what they want now, so they can build a life they feel like they were born to live.

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Small Groups

I developed Tempera Tantrum as a fun way for friends, clubs, or colleagues to enjoy an intuitive creative project together and leave with fresh insight into themselves-- and a work of art!

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The Larger Life: My signature course, offered in an online, collaborative, 12 week course community. If you're struggling to make peace with your past and feel confident about your life today, this course is for you!

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I also offer 1 on 1 coaching and am currently accepting new clients. Please contact me if you'd like to arrange a consultation.

Corporate Coaching & Consulting

Have you identified the unfinished business within your organization? If not, you're paying for it now.

I can help you identify and resolve the unfinished business that's currently holding back your employees and your organization.

Let's work together, so your best ideas get developed, not left on the table.

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