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Corporate Coaching & Consulting

Have you identified the unfinished business within your organization? If not, you're paying for it now.

Employees have what-ifs in their personal and professional lives, and both of those impair their ability to focus and thrive at work. Not only does this affect job performance, but it also leads to unnecessary turnover as trained and talented people leave for new opportunities and clean slates.

Furthermore, this has a cumulative effect as the people within your organization reinforce those patterns over time.

I can help you identify and resolve the unfinished business that's currently holding back your employees and your organization.

My background and training in trial law, improv, and mediation honed my ability to build rapport with people from all backgrounds, and to identify the simplest ways to yield results when time and resources are limited.

In addition to team coaching, I offer:

Parental Leave Coaching-- support your staff through a time of significant life change, so they can make the most of their parental leave and return to work focused and engaged.

Workshops and Retreats-- improve communications, collaboration, and initiative at any level of your organization.

Contact me for any of the above, or to develop your inhouse coaching and mentorship programs. Let's work together, and make sure your best ideas get developed, not left on the table.

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