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Corporate Services

My corporate coaching practice is built around two premises. The first is that people with functional, satisfying lives are better employees than people who feel overwhelmed before they even leave their house. The second is that your employees want to be proud of their work, supportive of their colleagues, and valuable to their employers. 


Coaching can absolutely help your employees identify patterns that keep causing problems in their lives and at work, so they can change them.

Coaching is also an excellent way to support transitions in employees' lives, such as:

  • Parental leave and the return to work

  • Relocation adjustment for new hires and transfers

  • Divorce and other major life change

  • Promotion and job change within the organization

Within Seattle, I offer coaching at your facility, remotely, or at a private club in downtown Seattle. For clients outside of Seattle, I am happy to travel to your organization or put together a package for an employee coaching retreat.


You can hire people with sterling credentials who are thrilled to work for you, and if their personal lives are  occupying their minds, you do not have the benefit of all of their mental energy.  By giving your employees the tools to create functional, engaging lives, you create better employees. Please contact me so we can discuss how coaching can benefit your organization. 

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