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Coaching with Sarah

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a life coach, and I help people close the door on the past so they can stop wondering "What if?" and create a life that excites them today. I work with individuals, small groups, and organizations, and I lead an online collaborative course called The Larger Life.



My most successful clients:

  • Understand that the work we do together creates the groundwork for their progress. They expect that to get the most value out of the time and money they invest in coaching, they have to put our plans into action.

  • Are working with me because they want change. They understand that this will mean trying different things or a different approach than they have used in the past. That is why they are investing in coaching.

  • Understand that the more open and forthright they are with me about their wants and expectations, the better equipped I am to help them make meaningful change, quickly. My successful clients communicate openly with me from our first meeting, and continue to check in with me about what works, what doesn't, and new insights they have about their wants.

  • Expect coaching to be a process. People are sometimes surprised with what they realize about themselves. Part of what I do as a coach is help my clients determine when they are being distracted by old goals or someone else's values, so it's natural to learn new things as we move past those. Rather than be discouraged by this, my successful clients see these insights as valuable guides that help us fine tune our work to create their optimal life.

How soon you can expect to see results:

It varies; my clients come to me from different starting points, with different degrees of awareness about what they want, and with different paces for personal change.

That said, most of my clients report back after the first few sessions that they have surprised themselves with the amount of change they've achieved, and the confidence and momentum they've created. It's also common for my clients to complete what they set out to do, take some time to enjoy the life that they've created, and decide later that they are ready for more. You can always book more sessions or come back later.

If you're ready to change your life, I'd love to help. Contact me at to schedule a free consultation.

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