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I worked with Sarah during my maternity leave after giving birth to my first child, one of the most life-altering experiences one can have.  Her coaching gave me such a confidence and peace of mind as I transitioned into motherhood and ultimately back to my very demanding full-time legal career as Division Counsel at a publicly-traded company.  Sarah helped me realize and identify challenges that had not even occurred to me.  Together, we explored potential ways to deal with them, which significantly eased my anxieties and concerns about how to balance and manage my new world.  I was able to put Sarah’s ideas into action before and after I went back to work, which made the transition so much simpler than it would have been without that groundwork.  We also discussed my goals to determine which were immediate priorities and which could wait-- and I quit wasting time and mental energy beating myself up about the latter.  What a relief!


I continue to benefit from my work with Sarah, long after our sessions are over, because of the systems she helped me set up and because of the reflective tools I learned from her. She taught me to step back and examine my circumstances when I am overwhelmed or at a crossroads, to identify exactly what I want (or don't want), and to determine the simplest way to get there.  She taught me to let go of the things that I decide are not worth the investment that they will require.  As a very competitive person, that last lesson was a tough one, and as a new mother with a demanding career, it's also a lifesaver! I highly recommend Sarah for anyone going through a major life change.


Angie McCord Yeremian, JD


Coaching with Sarah was extremely helpful. Our work was specific to my needs and I felt like she truly listened to the aspects of my life I need to address. She helped me focus on the right course of action and gave me individual tasks that I could focus on and accomplish without feeling overwhelmed. From our first session, I left feeling more confident in my own skills and appreciated the focus on tangible jobs to get me through my next challenge. 

Emily Gray,

Postpartum doula

I had the pleasure of doing two different coaching groups with Sarah. She is incredibly smart, organized and intelligent. She has good sensible ideas and is also a very intuitive person. She has a warm and welcoming presence. I always knew I could be honest with Sarah without having to fear being judged.

I found that I was so much more focused on my goals and centered when I was actively engaged in coaching with Sarah. She helped me find focus each week and my life improved directly as a result of working with her. My flow of money has increased and my small business has been flourishing, and I really credit Sarah for helping me to reach my professional goals. I also have seen improvements in my personal relationships. I am a mental health therapist myself, and had never done life coaching before. I am a big advocate for therapy and now I would also advocate for life coaching if the coach is as talented and helpful as Sarah.

Laura E.

Licensed Therapist, Seattle, WA

I felt like I was broken in a way that could never be healed, in spite of my many past efforts, and after this workshop, I feel whole again.

"Explore your Road not Taken" Workshop feedback

(Participant requested anonymity)

I worked hard to build my dream life, and when I achieved it, I was too busy to manage it. I started working with Sarah, and we immediately began to take control of everything that had been controlling me. Sarah helped me examine my life and establish my priorities, identify the distractions that had been pulling me away from those priorities, and develop a system to streamline my personal and professional life, allowing me to focus on what matters most to me: continuing to develop my client centered law practice and being a good father to my twins.


After working with Sarah, I accomplished more, and in less time. My professional career is thriving; I'm involved with my twins' schools and have time to take them to their music lessons and on trips to our new vacation home. I even found time to commit to a regular fitness program again; after working with Sarah, I realized how much I missed it, so we worked with my schedule and decided to combine it with networking and maintaining old friendships. Now exercising is a regular part of my life again, and I feel great.


It's hard to express how much working with Sarah positively changed my life, and how quickly. Her ability to draw out your priorities, is uncanny. And she quickly sees creative ways to make your life work.


I went to Sarah because I was too busy to manage the life I had worked so hard for. After working with Sarah, I not only manage my life, I enjoy it again. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Nathan A. Hartman, JD MTS


Sarah does more than just listen and give advice. She listens for patterns, asks for clarification, and then helps you come up with clear goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. She manages to help on both an emotional and practical level.

Lori B.


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